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Kejriwal products are available with multi coating options namely :

  • Bituminous Paint & Zinc Primer

  • Epoxy Painting

  • Fusion Bonded Expoxy Powder Coating

  • Rilsan Coating

  • Poly Urathene Coating (P. U.)

Bituminous Paint & Zinc Primer

As a normal course, all fittings are spray painted with a coat of zinc rich primer and black bituminous paint. Zinc metallising on fittings gives an added advantages to our products.

coatings and linings 2.jpg
coatings and linings 3.jpg

Epoxy Painting

Epoxy spray painting can be done on all items viz. Pipes, Fittings, Valves for superior finish and execellent corrosion resistance against sea water and others.

Fusion Bonded Expoxy Powder Coatings (F. B. E)

Electrostatic fusion bonded expoxy powder coatings can be done on all items viz Pipes, Fittings, Vlaves for Ultra Specrior finish and excellent corrosion resistance aganist Sea water and mild alkeline solution.

coatings and linings 4.jpg
coatings and linings 5.jpg

Rilsan Coating

We have capacity and arrragement for Rilsan coating to be done if required by clients on Pipes, Fittings and Valves.

Poly Urathene Coating (P. U.)

Fittings can be coated with Poly Urathene coating on the outside from 300 to 1000 microns as required.

coatings and linings 6.jpg


The Ductile Iron products are normally supplied with cement Mortar linings.

The following linings may be applied depending om the internal conditions of use :

  • Portland Cement Mortar

  • Blast Furance Slag Cement Mortar

  • High Alumina (Calcium Aluminate) Cement Mortar

  • Sulphite Resistance Cement (SRC) lining

  • Bitumious Paint

  • Fusion bonded expoxy powder coatings

  • Poly Urethene Coatings

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