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Late Mr. B. P. Kejriwal

Chairman Emeritus

It was B. P. Kejriwal’s vision and dream that created Kejriwal Group. A young man full of the new spirit of freedom wanted to soar high in a challenging field, and thus began Kejriwal’s chase towards excellence in production, that built the company into one of the India’s finest Ductile & Cast Iron product manufacturers.

B. P. Kejriwal was only 26 when he started from Calcutta. In 50 years journey, Kejriwal Group went through several metamorphosis, over the past half a century, every time emerged still stronger and it is currently known as “KEJRIWAL CASTINGS LIMITED” & stepped into Ductile Iron production in 2000: once again an area in its nascent stage in the country.


Mr. Sanjay Kejriwal


Mr. Sanjay Kejriwal, a Commerce graduate from City College, Calcutta, having 27 years of experience in Foundry Production.

While in school he joined the business as factory in charge under the supervision of his father Mr. B. P. Kejriwal. Later on with guidance of his father he expanded the factory with modern machineries and took highly skilled labours. He takes personal interest in the care of his employees in factory & their welfare.

With the joint decisions of all the Member of the Board now he is setting up the Induction Plant, which will be coming soon increasing the production to three fold and also has a plan of adding new products to the list. He has the vision to expand the factory structure to grow in future.


Mr. Sandip Kejriwal

Managing Director

Mr. Sandip Kejriwal, a Commerce graduate from Don Bosco School, having 25 years of experience in Sales, Marketing & Management.

While in college he joined his business and explores the same. He took decisions in increasing the sales globally. His visit to Europe, Middle East, Gulf, South Africa & China gave a cutting edge to the business.

Innovation, addition of new production KCL Portfolio, Embracing latest cutting edge technologies for quality & economics, with global perspective has been a major driving force from him to KCL.


Mr. Rajiv Kejriwal

Managing Director

Mr. Rajeev Kejriwal, a Commerce graduate from St. Xaviers College, Calcutta, having 22 years of experience in Finance, Sales & Administration.

While in college he joined the business. He took major decisions in planning financial aspects of the company. He also looked after the certification of the company.
He strives for improvement in Quality Management System by establishing and achieving Quality Objectives aimed at overall improvement in activities for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Under his supervision KCL has got ISO 9001 Certificate & other BSI Certifications. By this KCL has enhanced its position in global markets.

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