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Good News!

The Wait is Over!

Another milestone added to KCL journey.

We are extremely happy to share that We have started trial operations today in our newly set up factory to MANUFACTURE ductile iron pipe.

This is only the 9th running plant in India and the first plant without blast furnace with only induction furnace encompassing latest cutting edge technology with most modern features. Capacity 50,000 ton per year.

6 long years of putting up the plant has paid dividends today congratulations to all our friends, partners and Well wishers who has stood with us through thick n thin.


Induction Furnace:

In our quest for excellence in material quality and variable options we are in an advanced stage of putting up an additional new & high capacity INDUCTION MELTING FURANCE - DUAL TRACK - SYNCRONISED - 2 TON CAPACITY x 2 FURANCE = 4TONS thereby adding 4 ton per hour melting capacity to our already existing capacity of 5 ton per hour, thereby almost doubling our existing capacity.

Flanged Pipes Units:

Installation is already completed for setting up a new & state of Art DUCTILE IRON PIPE FLANGING & WELDING UNIT - AUTOMATIC & HIGH SPEED BY MIG WIRE - with all imported & renowned Foriegn machines & welding MIG wires & Electrode. This will add up & increase the existing capacity of Pipe Flanging unit from 100 tons per month to 500 tons per month with provisions to increase future capacity.


In our quest for excellence in material quality
and variable.
We always look forward for modernisation.

Fabrication Division Launched:

We have launched a steel fabrication division to manufacture & produce steel Flanged Pipes. Fittings, Valves, Puddles, Structural Fittings, Vessels, i.e. virtually any item in MILD STEEL / STAINLESS STEEL etc. for any application.




"With a rich and innovative experience of 50 years, Kejriwal aims to meet every demand of its customers to the utmost satisfaction.

In continuation to achieving all ISI Certification from BIS, we have recently received 3 new BIS certificates as shown below.

Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 11.23.51 PM.png
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