KCL has always been a premier casting company.


The experience and expertise has combined to give us the edge required to meet the challenges that we are faced with everyday. Intensive study, research and analysis have enabled the KCL team to meet and overcome the obstacles of everyday life with great ease.

KCL has their employees & vendors as their main resources. Some employees & vendors has been working with KCL for last three generations which proves our commitment & their commitments towards KCL. KCL is proud to have such employees & vendors.

​KCL works in close collaboration with the following organisations in order to abide by the export and foundry rules of the government and the industry. These organisations are the mastheads of the industry.

​KCL aims to follow in their footsteps and provide quality products the world over.

​”KCL’s vision is to pursue and consolidate our position of leadership through passion, innovation and teamwork.”

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